Export Permissions to a Report

Many times a DBA is asked to provide the list of permissions, for auditing purposes, or simply to review the current permissions. Sometimes the request is for server-wide permissions, sometimes the scope is limited to a database, sometimes to a Login, or combinations or “all of the above”. [Read More]

Move System Databases from the OS Drive

When creating an SQL Server environment using the Azure template, and after running the following query, it is observed that the system databases will be located on the OS partition. For reasons of performance and for example to avoid that the TEMPDB causes a server outage, these must be moved... [Read More]

Obtain Access to SQL Server using PowerShell

A few times, more than I would have wanted, I’ve been asked to support a SQL Server instance which was “discovered” to have been installed by “someone else”. This could have been anyone: a previous DBA, a Developer, an Ops person, a Vendor, or other. Any DBA working in an... [Read More]