Quick Basic Monitoring

Looking into a performance issue, such as when someone reports “blocking”, an important tool every DBA (in my opinion) should have on their toolbelt is the sp_WhoIsActive stored procedure. [Read More]

Filter Out Error Log Messages

The SQL Server error log is a text file, which by default is located in the LOG folder and stores various messages. The message types vary from informational to warnings, to actual errors, all of which can help a DBA in troubleshooting or actually prevent something unwanted from happening. [Read More]

Bringing the blog back

When I started thinking about bringing back the SQL Server Diaries blog, my starting point (and the only source to recover the old material) was an eight-year old WordPress export. Those who use Wordpress know that the data can be exported as a series of MySQL INSERT statements, as well... [Read More]

I Am Online

It’s been a while since my last post. Eight years actually. Unfortunately when the blog went offline back in January 2013 I lost my muse for a while. Like all IT professionals working in Ops, I did still write the occasional “TL;DR” email or publish an article in my workplaces’... [Read More]