Delegate Password Management to Unpriviliged Database Users

When an application used SQL Authentication credentials for each login have to be created and delivered [securely] to the end user.  Alternatively a developer can opt to develop his/her own authentication mechanism where an application uses a single login to connect to the database and each end-user is created as... [Read More]

Skipping a beat

All last week I was really busy with other [personal] commitments and didn’t have any time to put pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard…).  Considering the situation I thought that having no article would be better than a post of poor quality. [Read More]

Deploying what in my opinion is messy code

Some background. In organisation I work at there are clear delineations between DBA and Database Development duties. The DBA is more of a DBMS-A with some working knowledge of the application and basically “what it does” (or should). On the other hand, most of the time the Database Developer is... [Read More]

Reindexing fails with 'ERROR 2727 Cannot find index' for a SCOM 2012 database

System Center Operations Manager 2012 is, to say the least, an interesting product.  I will not be delving into the product features or functionality, but just a particular error I came across and the obvious fix. [Read More]

Automatically Restore a Database to Test Backups

All environments (hopefully…) have a proper backup strategy in place.  To tell the truth I’ve seen databases which were being backed up and the client asked me: “Why is it that the backup for an 80GB database is only 4GB?”.  In this particular case I discovered that the database recovery... [Read More]