I Am Online

It’s been a while since my last post. Eight years actually. Unfortunately when the blog went offline back in January 2013 I lost my muse for a while. Like all IT professionals working in Ops, I did still write the occasional “TL;DR” email or publish an article in my workplaces’... [Read More]

Blog Offline

After two years of writing, my (previous…) hosting provider unfortunately managed to lose all my articles; they couldn’t even recover the configuration from their own backup! I did recover all of the content from my own backups and will re-post all articles in due course. [Read More]

Deploy or Migrate a Database using Scripts - part 1

A database migration is always a headache for DBAs.  There are different approaches one may take, some being simpler than others. A couple of weeks ago, in the Migrate Databases Using Backup-Restore article, I explained how a database migration can be carried out effortlessly and with minimal downtime.  This is... [Read More]