Stored Procedure with Multiple Result Sets over a Linked Server

When accessing database objects, such as stored procedures, over a Linked Server the stored procedure output will be returned to the calling application.  There are occasions where we have to insert the results of the stored procedure into a temporary table to be used further on in our stored procedure.... [Read More]

Exporting SQL Server 2000 binary data using textcopy.exe

I was recently involved in a database migration project where the requirement was that the data in an SQL Server 2000 database is exported to separate files for archiving or uploading into another (unknown) database/DBMS. No problem there. Using the BCP command-line utility the data was exported easily. One of... [Read More]

SQL Server R2 Express Edition features

An often overlooked and underestimated edition of SQL Server, the Express Edition superceded the SQL Server 2000 MSDE (Microsoft Data Engine) edition.  Introduced with the SQL Server 2005 lineup, this edition allowed applications requiring a small data store to be distrubuted without incurring the cost of a higher-end SQL Server... [Read More]

Securing Access to an SQL Server Port

In an earlier article titled SQL Server Connection Strings, Unique Application DNS and Listening Ports I explained a method that can be used to manage applications’ connectivity to SQL Server databases across an enterprise.  This article extends the principles explained. [Read More]