Persist Index Usage Statistics

During a database/application performance investigation we wanted to check which indexes were being used. The database had almost 1,200 indexes (!!) most of which we believed were redundant or partly causing a performance overhead. A quick review of the indexes showed that most were created on one column and only... [Read More]

Login failed: Token-based server access validation failed with an infrastructure error

This week we implemented a database onto a production environment.  The implementation had been tested a number of times to prepare and verify the final set of scripts.  On D-Day we started the implementation according to the previously tested steps and I’m proud to say that all went fine.  We... [Read More]

Identify VIEW objects which implement ORDERing

In an earlier post I explained a number of migration or upgrade issues arising from the usage of SELECT TOP 100 PERCENT…ORDER BY… constructs when used in a VIEW. I wrote the below script to identify the VIEW objects which are implemented in this way and also identify from which... [Read More]

Basic Stress-Testing using WAITFOR and GO

When it comes to testing queries I noticed that most developers usually write the query, verify that it returns the required result set then deploy it in the application or report and move on to the next query. While some might see this as one of the rapid development techniques,... [Read More]