Correctly handling datetime values

I was recently asked why, when an application was saving datetime values sometimes the actual value stored is different than the one sent to the database.  After investigating the issue I discovered that the programmers were relying on the local/client machine’s Regional Settings to display dates to the end user... [Read More]

Stored Procedure with Multiple Result Sets over a Linked Server

When accessing database objects, such as stored procedures, over a Linked Server the stored procedure output will be returned to the calling application.  There are occasions where we have to insert the results of the stored procedure into a temporary table to be used further on in our stored procedure.... [Read More]

Exporting SQL Server 2000 binary data using textcopy.exe

I was recently involved in a database migration project where the requirement was that the data in an SQL Server 2000 database is exported to separate files for archiving or uploading into another (unknown) database/DBMS. No problem there. Using the BCP command-line utility the data was exported easily. One of... [Read More]