Persist Index Usage Statistics

During a database/application performance investigation we wanted to check which indexes were being used. The database had almost 1,200 indexes (!!) most of which we believed were redundant or partly causing a performance overhead. A quick review of the indexes showed that most were created on one column and only... [Read More]

Login failed: Token-based server access validation failed with an infrastructure error

This week we implemented a database onto a production environment.  The implementation had been tested a number of times to prepare and verify the final set of scripts.  On D-Day we started the implementation according to the previously tested steps and I’m proud to say that all went fine.  We... [Read More]

Identify VIEW objects which implement ORDERing

In an earlier post I explained a number of migration or upgrade issues arising from the usage of SELECT TOP 100 PERCENT…ORDER BY… constructs when used in a VIEW. I wrote the below script to identify the VIEW objects which are implemented in this way and also identify from which... [Read More]