Tormented by an ORDERed VIEW

We have been migrating and upgrading SQL Server 2000 databases to SQL Server 2005 for a while and the momentum increased soon after Microsoft stopped Mainstream Support in April 2008 (Microsoft Product Lifecycle). During the course of the upgrades we have occasionally been told that certain VIEWs did not return... [Read More]

Script to generate Trigger definitions

Last week we implemented a database for which the developer didn’t have the CREATE TRIGGER scripts.  Unfortunately this is quite a frequent occurance and happens when database code (and objects) are implemented directly into a database and an assumption is made that the code is safely stored in the database/... [Read More]

Apply the principle of least privilige on a Linked Server connection

Linked Servers are easy to set up in all versions of SQL Server.  Using a Linked Server one can connect to databases on the same SQL Server instance, on other instances, other DBMSs such as Oracle, MySQL, Informix and using the appropriae driver (e.g. OLEDB, ODBC, etc.), even Microsoft Access or... [Read More]