Check the Cluster Resource Owner and Notify if Failed-Over

In a Microsoft Cluster environment offering High Availability, a failover to the Secondary (or alternate) Node is usually set to automatic (to maintain the HA). The DBA then has to resolve the issues that caused the failover then fail the services back to the Primary Node. Of course the DBA... [Read More]

Delegate DBA Permissions to non-DBAs

In an organisation where Development, Test and Production environments are segregated and managed by a central team of DBAs sometimes developers or testers require a higher degree of privileges to specific users or groups of users in order to implement schema changes, creation of roles, etc. [Read More]

Saving a Binary File into SQL Server

Sometimes we have a requirement to store unstructured files such as JPG, PDF, DOC, and even media files such as WAV, MP3, and AVI (to name a few) to an SQL Server database. Examples of such applications include forms (structured) which include photos, scanned images or documents, CV’s, and more.... [Read More]