Find the Next Available Working Day using T-SQL

A while ago I helped a colleague develop a T-SQL function that would increment a date by an integer value and return the first working day following and closest to the resulting date.  The requirements were not complex - a date is incremented by a number of days and the... [Read More]

Generate BCP Export and BCP or BULK INSERT Import Code

As the final post of 2011, and considering that most DBAs might start considering upgrading to the latest version of SQL Server when it is launched at the end of March 2012 (?), I am publishing a script which I found very helpful for upgrades and database migrations. [Read More]

Display and Store Maltese (Unicode) Characters

My national language (Maltese) is described in Maltese language - Wikipedia as “the only Semitic language written in the Latin alphabet in its standard form”.  I was recently asked whether SQL Server can store Maltese characters, or specifically the characters which deviate from the Latin character set. [Read More]

A Mechanism to Store SYSLOG Messages

One of the resorces Network specialists use to monitor, troubleshoot, and identify issues with network device (such as routers, switches, firewalls, etc.) is the use of SYSLOG messages. These messages are broadcast on the network via UDP and are captured by specific listener applications and/or devices. One fo these applications... [Read More]