Display and Store Maltese (Unicode) Characters

My national language (Maltese) is described in Maltese language - Wikipedia as “the only Semitic language written in the Latin alphabet in its standard form”.  I was recently asked whether SQL Server can store Maltese characters, or specifically the characters which deviate from the Latin character set. [Read More]

A Mechanism to Store SYSLOG Messages

One of the resorces Network specialists use to monitor, troubleshoot, and identify issues with network device (such as routers, switches, firewalls, etc.) is the use of SYSLOG messages. These messages are broadcast on the network via UDP and are captured by specific listener applications and/or devices. One fo these applications... [Read More]

Storing Login Credentials in Plain Text Files (Relatively) Securely

When creating logins on different environments, such as on development, test and production instances, where SQL Logins are used these are sometimes created using the same password on all environments. The credentials are usually transferred from the Developer’s machine to the DBA’s in a text file using the following syntax:... [Read More]

Audit and Monitor User Activity using Traces

Organisations depend on data. Internationally, news agencies have reported innumerable times about data theft (one that hit the news recently lead to the closure of a newspaper), data loss, corruption caused by crafted bots using one of the various SQL Injection techniques, and many more. The amount of data generated... [Read More]